How does Klamp work?

Stwórz projekt i udostępnij go klientowi
Step one

Create the project and share it with Your client

  • Fill the list of tasks and actualize their status

  • Establish valuation for every task

  • Define whether the project requires acception from the client

  • Add or report need for additional resources Try for free!

Step two

Be in constant touch with Your client

  • Build up Your relation with the client and react for any sugestions and correctiond in a convenient way. Every task is provided with separate discussion panel, which allow to keep Your communication in proper order.

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Bądź w stałym kontakcie z klientem
Step three

Send the reports

  • Generate the reports due to which Your client may follow status of the project. The reports consist of the most important information, e.g. information abour particular tasks, as well as their dates of realisation.

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Step four

Send invoices

  • If You wish some tasks to be paid, simply choose those tasks and send an invoice to Your client in easy and safe way by clicking one button. Your bank account will receive funds due to the integration with the system of payment.

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Benefits for Your client

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Time-saving panel

All informations are within client’s reach and allow client to save time on asking the questions about status of the project.

Clear timetable of the tasks

Complete control over tasks and their status, as well as, a possibility of commissioning new tasks.

Legible valuation and comparison of the costs

The possibility of accepting price for particular tasks is a clear method for evading unwanted costs.

Fast and secure on-line payments

Comfortable method of payment for any task which improves settling down the payments.

Why Our platform?

Klamp is used by freelancers, micro and small enterprises, check here for their opinions.


The most frequently asked question by our clients, along with the answers.
If You seek an answer for different question, check the. FAQ section.

What is the difference between freelancer panel and client panel?
Freelancer panel: Creates the project and sustains client with access to the system.
Client panel: Receives access for the freelancer and does not have the option to create separate account for the client.
When the client may conduct on-line payments for the tasks?
In order for the on-line payment to be active freelancer has to verify the payment.
How the client may log in to the account linked with the project?
After receiving an invitation to the project and establishing a password, the client may log in through the main loging panel here, unique link received from the freelancer and an invitation in an e-mail message.

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