First steps

Answers for the most frequently asked questions. Find out how to start Your work with Klamp.

1. How to start?
If You have not set up an account, You can do it by clicking here. All You need to do is entering Your e-mail adress and password. After successful registering the data You will log into the system and Your e-mail adress will receive activation link.
2. Can I test Klamp before the purchase?
Of course, everyone can set up an account which lasts for 14 days of free trial. You will have access to all of the functions in order to understand how the “Klamp” works and how it will help You with realisation of the projects and communication with the client. You can sign in by clicking here.
3. How does the Klamp work?
The freelancer creates the project, inside which the freelancer sets up the task list, determine valuation of each task and determine whether tasks demand acceptation from the client. The freelancer may expand the project by adding new tasks and determining their valuation. The client receives information abour additional costs and freelancer is proteceted from financing tasks or corrections. Freelancer then shares the project with the client by e-mail or generated unique link. In that way the client acquires convenient access to the project, inside which the client may monitor the progress, communicate through the discussion panel, report any corrections, share mutual files, download on-going raports and conduct the payments.
4. How to create new contact in the customer base?
Go to the “Clients” tab. Next, select “add new Client”. Final step is completing information about the client.
5. Dashboard – insight into statistics after logging in
After logging into the system You will see the “Dashboard”. It will show You basic statistics of the account, which consist of completed and paid tasks in the perspective of the last 14 days. Additionaly, You can find 3 other tabs informing You about current status of Your subscription, funds in Your possession and amount of the projects. Right column presents notifications concerning Your activity.
6. How to adjust notifications so they can suit my preferences?
In order to adjust Your notifications, which are in the right section of the “Dashboard”, go to the settings, select the tab “Notifications” and click on the notifications that You are interested in.
7. How to change the password?
In order to set up new password click here and select the option “Remind the password” . Enter Your e-mai adress where You will receive the activation code, then copy it and save in the received link. Your current password will be replaced temporarily by the activation code. After logging in go to the settings of Your account, select the tab “Security”, enter the security code and establish new password.

The Projects

Najważniejsze informacje dotyczące tworzenia i zarządzania projektami.

1. How to create the project?
Go to the “Project” section, and then select “Create new project”. Enter basic information about the project in the following order: name of the project, termin of the realisation and select the client. Important ! If You do not have created profile of the client in Your customer base You can add Your client’s e-mail in order to add that client into Your base after creating the project.
2. How to add tasks to the project?
Go to the project and You will find the list of the tasks. Then, enter the name of new task, determine its valuation and choose whether the client has to accept the cost of the task or not.
3. How to send an invitation to my client?
Enter the project to which You want to invite Your client and select the option “Send invitation”. Select the client or create new client, as well as, complete an invitation with Your client’s name or the caretaker of the project ( the name of person or company will serve for personalizing the message ). You can also add the content of the invitation. You can also send an invitation in other form ( e.g. by sending a link through Messenger ). In order to do that You have to choose the tab “Share” and then click on “Link to the project for the client”.
4. My client has not received an invitation to the project – what to do next?
If the client reports lack of the invitation to the project through the e-mail, an alternative answer is sending an unique invitation link. In order to send a link You have to choose tab “Share” and then click on “Link to the project for the client”.

The Reports

The answers for the most frequently asked question concerning the reports.

1. What is a report?
The report is a statement representing current status of specific tasks implemented by the freelancer.
2. How to add in personal logotype to the report?
If You want to personalize the report in PDF version, choose the tab “Reports” and then select “Settings” section. Install Your graphic file into the system and select active display of the logotype in the report. The file should have XX dimensions.
3. What the report consists of?
The report contains the time of reporting, the date of generating the report and the most important information concerning the status of specific tasks.
4. How to create the raport?
Enter the project which You want to report about and then click on “Create the report” button. Select the time of reporting using the slide and save the report. It is worth remembering that lack of activity in selected period of time will not allow to create the report.
5. How to send the report to my client?
Go to the tab “Reports” where You can find the report created earlier. If You want to send the report to Your client choose one from the list of completed reports, click the option “Send to client” and enter Your client’s e-mail.

The Payment and Finances

Detailed guidelines concerning the finances and the payments.

1. How does the process of registration and verification of the system of payment look like?
In order to activate on-line payments You have to enter necessary information in following order: Name and Surname, as well as, the number of the bank account. Next, conduct verification transfer amounting to 1 zł from Your bank account to the bank account from the form. Within 24 hours from the verification trasnfer we will give You a refund.
2. How does the client may pay for the tasks?
In the case of payment the client should log into the project and select tasks through the option “Pay”, which is situated with each task in the column “Status”. When the client creates the invoice and accepts it, then the system will automatically transfer the client into the payments. The possibility of the payments by the client is available when the freelancer has an active on-line payment status.
3. How to send an invoice to the client?
Klamp allows creating an invoice and sending it to the client through an e-mail. In order to prepare an invoice enter the project and select the tasks You wish to be paid by selecting the option “Unpaid”, which is visible by each task in the column “Status”. When You open the invoice and accept it by clicking on “Send the list for the payment”, the client will receive a comeplete invoice.
4. How long does it take to confirm the verification transfer?
The verification trasfers is confirmed within 2 working days.
5. Are the on-line payments secure?
Integrated on-line payment system was created by the ING Bank Śląski and PCI DSS Certificate confirms its security.
6. The client paid for the tasks. When I will receive my payment?
7. Does Klamp gather and keep my funds?
No. We do not have access to Your funds. All of the transactions are sent directly to Your bank account.

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